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Tip from Apple: Quickly Convert EPS to PDF

From the pro tips rss feed:

This trick is pretty much just for graphic designers who work with EPS images from applications like Adobe illustrator, Coreldraw for Mac, Freehand, and Photoshop. If you want to convert your EPS image instantly into a PDF (ideal for emailing), just drag it onto Apple’s Preview application icon in your dock (or in your Applications folder) and Mac OS X automatically converts your Postscript file to a PDF on the fly. When you choose save from the File menu, it will save as a PDF.


The problem with this is the PDFs are not press-ready, so DO NOT use this tool to send files to a printer. Honestly, if you do a lot of PDFs for print, invest in Distiller. Print shops many times have their own settings for Distiller that create the file to the specifications of their press.