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Creative space available at 209 Kalamath Bolt Factory

The relatively new Bolt Factory in the Santa Fe industrial/art zone at 2nd street has several different creative and technology oriented companies in it. One of those offices belongs to studio pattern, a design firm. They've got a great office space and currently have three desks available for rental.

See the details in the attached flyer - the critical information is that a desk costs $275 per month and includes lots of great amenities.

Coworking in Denver and Boulder: Hive, Creative Farm, ID345 Space, Carbon Space Co-op

5280 magazine had a sidebar on coworking facilities in Denver/ Boulder this past month. They highlighted 4 firms:

Denver Coworking at the Hive, Creative Farm, ID345 Space

The Hive Cooperative - at $199 per month located at 2401 15th street in Denver.

The Creative Farm - between $300 and $700 per month, located at 4900 W. 29th Ave.

ID345 SPACE - between $250 and $750 per month is located in North Downtown at 2936 Larimeter Street.

Coworking in Boulder - Carbon Space Co-Op

Create Denver Open House - 2009 Tamarac Square Office Space

Create Denver in combination with Tamarac Square is running an open house on June 11th from 5PM to 7PM.

Please join us for an open house to learn about exciting creative space opportunities at Tamarac Square and the Create Denver initiative including the new Creative Space Agent Web Site!

Free parking is available (because Tamarac Square is a largely failed suburban mall that is trying to find a new purpose). It could actually work quite well as a "creative" office space, especially with the Whole Foods and light rail stops nearby.

Coworking in Denver - Shared Offices for High Tech Workers

What is Coworking?

Freelancers and small businesses are starting to learn the benefits of "Coworking." Coworking is the word that's been invented to describe situations where people get together to rent office space as a group. It's similar to a co-op but based more on the idea that people inside the coworking facility are more likely to be renters for a relatively short term instead of the long term and contractual obligations that are part of the co-op model.

Newspapers Reborn? Or just death forestalled?

I've written previously about the state of newspapers and physical vs. digital media but there was a development recently that may change some of that industry's situation. Specifically, Google, perhaps the most successful advertising brokerage online has started offering Printads - it's adwords for print media. Google previously experimented with inserting ads into print media and they didn't run forward with it.


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