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Colorado Coworking covered on CoBizMag - Comprehensive review of the State

There's an article in Colorado Biz Mag about coworking.

But something new in workspaces is taking hold around the Front Range, such as new workplace pioneer Mickey Zeppelin’s TAXI development in River North, RiNO, that is; or Andrew Luter’s brainchild the Hive Cooperative; or Jennie Nevin’s Green Spaces, coworking at the other end of RiNO by the Ballpark neighborhood, award winner for its Green Route map and producer of the glitzy Green Route Festival in late August.

Breathless yet?

How about Boulder’s The Candy Shop, home of the Boulder Green Building Guild, Sustainably Built, Origin Graphic Design, Caught in Her Dress, Keira Ritter Design, Zen Ohm, Daedalus Studio, the Automatic Company and more?

Or Fort Collins’ Cohere, Colorado Springs’ Enclave, or ID345 in Denver, or YesPleaseMore Denver Pavilions where entrepreneurs Brian Corrigan and Samuel Schimek promise coworking for artists, or the Vault in Louisville, born from the expanding circle of the DaVinci Institute?

It's a really comprehensive article covering many places across the state and what seems to work for marketing of coworking spaces:

“Word-of-mouth,” Cross says, which in 2010 means in March posting a Web page at ( holding online get-togethers, then opening a non-virtual site in August.

Asked about making a real marketing splash in the Springs, Cross takes a long pause and says, “It can’t be that way. If you do it that way, it turns corporate. It’s the same as top-down. It’s grass-roots for us.”

They also give a lot of coverage of Green Spaces, though I've heard from several tenants of Green Spaces that it's not an ideal location. Problems with their air conditioning unit this summer led to flies everywhere and the owners seem to be spread too thin between the space and other priorities, according to second-hand stories.