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Newspapers Reborn? Or just death forestalled?

I've written previously about the state of newspapers and physical vs. digital media but there was a development recently that may change some of that industry's situation. Specifically, Google, perhaps the most successful advertising brokerage online has started offering Printads - it's adwords for print media. Google previously experimented with inserting ads into print media and they didn't run forward with it. Google seemed to drop the program at the time, but is now entering full-steam-ahead into Print Ads.

From the site:

Google Print Ads is an extension of AdWords that makes it easy for advertisers and agencies of all sizes to run ads in newspapers across the U.S. – whether you're buying space in one paper or a hundred.

No beta necessary, they're going 100% live now. It will be interesting to see if this has any impact and if so, what impact.