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Coworking in Denver - Shared Offices for High Tech Workers

What is Coworking?

Freelancers and small businesses are starting to learn the benefits of "Coworking." Coworking is the word that's been invented to describe situations where people get together to rent office space as a group. It's similar to a co-op but based more on the idea that people inside the coworking facility are more likely to be renters for a relatively short term instead of the long term and contractual obligations that are part of the co-op model.

These facilities tend to be "hip" and rented by high tech freelancers and companies which frequently need office space on short notice for growing (or shrinking) teams.

Coworking for Denver Folks

So, what about Denver? What options do we have?

The Coworking wiki seems to have spawned The Hive which is a really great space. I worked there for about 2 months this past summer and I really think it's an amazing space. They've obviously spent a fair amount of time and money designing and building a really comfortable and usable space. They've upgraded to high quality internet, have a coffee maker, conference room, bathroom with shower, and are located in a really cool building in a cool part of town (lunch is literally upstairs at protos which is amazing pizza).

Coworking for Boulder?

There don't seem to be any coworking options in Boulder just yet, but the Boulder/Denver New Technology Meetup Group has had a couple of folks express interest in the concept of shared offices or coworking for Boulder. I think it makes a lot of sense for the tech/startup friendly Boulder area, but one thing that tends to work well for coworking facilities is being in relatively cheap rent locations. The speculative nature of the business tends towards low-rent. I'm not sure that high-rent Boulder can handle that.


Thanks for your post. I'm doing a comparison study of coworking spaces in Portland and Denver (I grew up in Denver but now live in Portland). Have you been to any of these spaces?

Amber Case
Cyborg Anthropologist